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“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Orhan Pamuk

Benefits of Training with Dogsmarts

Chrissie at Dog Smarts will help you and your dog develop a better understanding, and communicate more effectively. This lays the foundation for a great relationship, and your bond will deepen.

Through the training work that we do, you and your dog will have more confidence, knowledge and skills to work well together. Owning a dog will become a hugely rewarding experience – not a frustrating one. And they’ll feel just the same way about you!

Struggling With Recall

“Before I found Dog Smarts my puppy was really struggling with recall, confidence, and would try to pick everything up from the floor! It was wonderful to see the positive progress in Buddy from his training sessions with Chrissie. He is now doing so well, and I can finally enjoy my best friend!”

Daniel and Buddy

The Dog Smarts Way

I work with a wide range of dogs regardless of size, breed, age or temperament – including brand new puppies, rescue dogs, older dogs, and adolescents.

Your dog will be treated as an individual, and part of my work is to understand how best they learn, and communicate. I provide tailored training solutions that are appropriate for your dog or puppy, which will help to develop the desired behaviours we have identified and agreed on.

During the booking process, and when completing the intake form, it is important you tell me everything I need to know. For instance, if your dog has a bite history, or hates people coming to the house, please tell me – it’s much easier for you, your dog and me if we are well prepared!

There is no judgment on how things currently are for you and your dog, I am here to help with a positive attitude and transparency on how we will work together.

Situations where I can help

New Puppies

Are you planning for the arrival of a new dog or puppy and eager to be well prepared so you develop a good relationship from the start?


You are eagerly expecting the arrival of a puppy and not only want to be prepared but would like support during the first days and weeks;

You already have a puppy at home but are finding it a bit too much to handle and would like some expert assistance.

Topics that I cover include

  • Dog Body Language
  • Understanding your breed of dog
  • Establishing a toilet training routine
  • Helping your puppy get a good night’s sleep
  • Crate training
  • Positive Socialisation for your puppy – introducing them to new things in the big world in a positive way (nb, this is different to socialising!)
  • Preparing them for polite walking outside on a lead
  • Good name recognition and recall
  • Appropriate play and interaction with other dogs and humans
  • How to address nipping and chewing

And much more!

Challenging Behaviours & Tailored Solutions

Do you already have a dog or puppy whose bad behaviour is becoming a real problem, and causing you no end of frustration?


One to One Consultations and Training, with you and your dog

This service is for people who are very interested in learning with their dog or puppy, and have the time to be actively involved in the training process. It takes more time and effort on your part, but you will benefit from a lot of information, guidance and support. It’s great for families or couples who want to learn together, and I’m also happy to involve interested and focused children.

Training Walks, with me and your dog

This service is for people who are short on time, but want results and improvements for their dog. Training walks are designed for your dog to work one to one with Chrissie on a regular basis, until satisfactory progress is made.

We would discuss what you need the training to focus on, and what you hope to achieve from your dog’s development and behaviour.

These walks are backed up with video demos and notes, for you to refer back to as we progress.

For those owners interested, a training walk with you, your dog and me all together can also be arranged.

Street Smarts

Are they specific places or situations outside your home where behaviours are becoming a real problem?


I work with your dog or puppy on my own.

This is ideal for those whose busy schedule makes it impossible for them to be present during sessions, or for those who have no interest in the process and just want the results.

After the sessions we can have a short hand-over consultation to go through what the dog has learnt and what commands to use.

Intensive Training

Are you really busy and just looking for someone who will work with your dog or puppy, train them to behave better and then help you manage them going forward?


I stay while you are away and your dog or puppy benefits from an extended period of very focused training.

This is ideal for those who travel a lot and whose dog or puppy needs intensive training – but would rather this takes place in their own home.

It’s also a great option for dogs that are nervous and need time to build a close bond with a trainer in order to work effectively.

Please contact me directly for detailed information on all services


About me

My Credentials

The UK dog training industry is currently unregulated. That means that anyone can give themselves the title of Dog Trainer.

I am not that person!

My name is Chrissie Hines and I have invested a lot of time and money gaining valuable practical experience and recognised professional qualifications.

I studied for 1 year on an intensive in-person course with the Victoria Stilwell Academy, to ensure that I gained my dog certification from a reputable, accredited, forward thinking and established team of worldwide dog experts and enthusiasts.

Along with my industry recognised qualifications I have worked with dogs since 2014, as Founder and Owner of Hampstead Housesitters and Hampstead Hounds

Regions I cover

I can work in person with dogs, puppies and owners across London.

If you live outside this area I can assist with Zoom consultations. These work surprisingly well and the benefits include:


  • Minimal distractions for you and your dog
  • A recording of the session to keep for future reference
  • A chance to access a certified dog trainer wherever you are in the world

How to book

I’d love to help you and your dog or puppy develop a great relationship. Arrange a day and time to suit you both using our booking portal.